Who will argue with the fact that life is in motion? With different degrees of physical activity have a positive impact on health. That lack of exercise – sedentary work and passive leisure – sooner or later will respond with problems with the heart, musculoskeletal system or metabolism.

In the quest for sport and movement, the average person, whose body has forgotten what a load is, will face the rigidity.
The phenomenon is unpleasant, but fortunately passing. A few days of rest and muscle pain will recede, but is this a correct tactic? You need a huge willpower to force yourself to act through pain or a couple of days after the pain. Development of the krepature strongly affects the motivation of the initially unsportsmanlike person to the sport. How can we overcome this state while retaining the desire to continue our studies? The whole peculiarity of the problem is that it is easy to drop your hands and forget about physical exertion again, but this is far from the correct decision. In order to maintain your muscle and joints’ mobility, you can optimize one of those sports equipment for sale.

How does it develop?

It is customary to call a pain syndrome, which occurs in the muscles after several hours, and sometimes even days, after physical exertion more intense than that to which the body is accustomed. And, of course, a person who has become accustomed to spending time on the couch becomes a victim of the training, it’s only necessary for him to sweat at the stadium or in the gym one evening.

Krepature is the discomfort in the muscles that occurs in a relatively delayed perspective, and not the next minute after intense exercise. Both are absolutely natural phenomena, only burning in muscles indicates their warming up, activation of blood flow in them, and the strength is explained by a completely different nature.

Several decades ago, medical researchers unanimously asserted that the cause of the lumbar acid in the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissues. This is especially active during exercise and, for example, after electrical stimulation of the muscles. This was proved experimentally. Only further research on this theory was refuted.

Lactic acid is actually generated by muscle tissues, only it is necessary for them as energy – the process of its production and concentration in muscles is absolutely natural and does not lead to pain. The reason for the strength in another. According to modern doctors, and this theory is generally accepted today, krepature is the result of numerous and extremely small tears in the muscle tissue. They arise during a sharp stretching of the muscle fibers, and as far as we know, after a period of long passivity, the muscles are completely unresponsive to the load.

If the muscles in the body for a certain period of time are not physically hardened, they lose their tone. A sudden dose of an incommensurable load will cause the myofibrils forming the muscle to rupture. This entails stretching the cells and the surrounding nerve endings – the pain is a natural consequence. The longer the exercise is carried out, the more the load is placed on the muscles, the more microdamages will occur and the more pronounced the pain will be.

Most often, the strength is the result of an inadequate warm-up, chronic overstrain of the muscles, an incommensurable and overly intensive load on them. In addition, the factor of stimulation of muscle receptors by under-oxidized metabolic products, which are concentrated here in the process of providing muscles with energy, is not completely excluded. In this case lactic acid, incomplete oxidation of glucose in conditions of short-term oxygen starvation do their job.

When you see at the root of the cause of the krepature, the conclusion suggests – if the muscles are warmed up before stretching and stretched, and then proceed to the immediate performance of the loads (of any intensity), the probability of the crutch will decrease. In fact, in the same experimental way, it has been proved that avoiding the rigidity is not so simple. It happens both in beginners in sports, and in professional athletes. Some of them simply learned to overcome temporary and understandable pain in the muscles. For beginners, it is more difficult – this is undermined by the desire to play sports. How to take this state under control?

How to overcome the krepature?

How often do people usually start to play sports after a long break? Most often – this is several times a week, and therefore between sessions takes 2-3 days. Just this time and it is enough to develop a krepature. If the burning sensation in the muscles you experience the first hour after the session, do not rush to call it a kerf. This is similar to her condition can both pass in a short time, and grow … into the krepature.

Strengthening manifests itself 1-3 days after physical exertion, and in order not to lose the desire just after this time to start re-training, it is useful to take note of a few useful tips. The following recommendations can be applied, both for the prevention of the klepature in the following days, and when it has already developed. Each of them is a way to restore microtrauma in muscle tissue, and also normalize metabolic processes in muscles to get rid of under-oxidized products in them.

Warming muscles – the goal is to expand the blood vessels, which improves microcirculation and excretory mechanisms, in particular, the removal of metabolic products from the muscles:

  • hot tub or shower,
  • visiting a sauna,
  • warm compresses,
  • mechanical warming up of muscles (massage, self-massage, sports massage): to accelerate the recovery process, and not just reduce pain, follow the technique when the limbs are massaged from the fingers to the armpit, the legs from the feet to the groin, the abdominal muscles clockwise from right half up, horizontally and left half down.

On the contrary, the use of cold is a way to neutralize the pain syndrome, symptomatic treatment, anyway, that apply an ice cube to the injury:

  • cold or contrast shower is appropriate for those who like to harden or just apply this practice,
  • cold compresses – the problem is solved only temporarily, but still very popular, especially since the krepature can go by itself.

Providing muscles with oxygen, that is, aerobic exercise – the cells of the muscle tissue get air not just with every breath we breathe, but when another blood stream with oxygen molecules enters it, it is necessary to fulfill both conditions: to provide access to the most remote areas of the muscles and provide this blood oxygen:

  • walk in the fresh air,
  • breathing exercises,
  • charging in the open air – maybe this is not the easiest in this state, but after 15-20 minutes of light workout the pain in muscles will weaken, after which you can continue your walk.

Consumption of nutrients – it’s about those products that contribute to the regeneration of tissues, as well as contribute to the cleavage of substances that cause physical activity:

  • vitamin A is formed in the body as a result of oxidative degradation of b-carotene, and from products it can be found such as fatty fish, caviar, beef liver, dairy products (including curd and cheese), egg yolk, green vegetables and herbs (alfalfa, burdock, cayenne pepper, fennel, hops, horsetail, kelp, lemongrass, mullein, nettle, parsley, mint, plantain, sorrel, cereal sprouts), yellow and orange vegetables and fruits, legumes;
  • sources of vitamin C are any vegetables, fruits, greens, and especially citrus fruits, currants, hips, horseradish and Bulgarian peppers;
  • sources of vitamin E are, first of all, vegetable oils, seeds and nuts from which they are made, as well as milk and butter, beef liver and beef, lard, whole-grain bread;
  • products that promote detoxification (binding and removing toxins and decay products from the body) – sources of plant fiber, algae, bioflavonoids of green tea;
  • and even though it’s not a product, but simply a healthy dream will be useful for recovery after the shaking; only a dream is an auxiliary method, not at all manifested by lying on the couch during the days following training.


  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Voltaren-gel, Fastum-gel, Diclofenac) – in this case, warming ointments for local use, they promote warming of the muscles (and, hence, the activation of blood flow), as well as the supply of substances for the regeneration and regeneration of tissues,
  • Synchronicity Hemp Oil has a long list of well-qualified testimonials from athletes, who have been using cbd muscle cream by Synchronicity Hemp Oil to relieve their aches and pains. They say that it’s both soothing on skin as well as relaxing for muscles after intense exercise or activity
  • painkillers (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen sodium) – these are usually tablets for oral administration, are acceptable to those who are unbearable to tolerate the krepature, but if possible, they should be abandoned; in the process of healing, these drugs, unlike those mentioned above, do not participate;
  • as an alternative can be considered and the use of non-pharmacological, but specialized care – exercise therapy and physiotherapy.

Applying all of these recommendations in practice will speed up the recovery of the body and the strength will pass sooner than usual. Just the first day without her – time to continue training. Krepature is a condition that passes naturally. And the balance between rest and exercise, proper nutrition, alternate heating and cooling muscles only bring the next training to the onset.

Of course, the krepature prevents the body from performing elementary movements and it can not go about full-fledged exercise. But to find strength in a few aerobic exercises will be useful. When the body itself or with the help of your efforts is restored, proceed to a commensurate load.

Return to the gym or on the karemat can be for 4-5 days. Only to continue to be in the future must be calm, balanced, commensurate with its capabilities. Each exercise is performed until light burning in the muscles. If after a workout you do not experience anything, then she went in vain. It is important to find that very “golden mean”, really assess your strengths, and increase the load gradually. To make training the most safe, with pleasant, but not painful consequences, cooperation with the trainer and performance of the individual program of trainings will help.

At the same time, during the very first sessions, no coach will tell you how to prevent the shaking. All that is feasible is to get rid of the shingles as soon as possible.